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Signature Spinnerbait - Colorado/Willow

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The JigMasters' Signature Spinnerbait is a Fish Catching MONSTER, Our spinnerbait, uses premium plated blade and we run larger blades then most competitors. To do this we have to develop a head design to help prevent "rolling". This also features a custom line tie that gives you more ease of tying compared to an R-Bend, while also not allowing the line to slip down the shaft as well. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Details/Specs :

  • Engineered head design to help prevent "rolling"
  • Custom line tie design for improved performance
  • Rolled end to help prevent blades coming off during use
  • Premium plated blades
  • Stainless steel ball bearing swivel
  • Fine tuned blade spacing for optimal performance
  • Screw lock bait keeper