Signature Finesse Jig

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As a jig company, one gap that JigMasters had was not having a finesse jig option.....problem finally solved! As I appreciate everyone's patience - JigMasters brings you our Signature Finesse Jig! 

We truly believe this is the best finesse jig on the market, using a center pin screwlock and skirt hub in line with the hook point , we have obsoleted the need of a weedguard. Being rigged naturally weedless and using a modified version of our flipping jig head design, this things come through cover with ease! 

Details/Specs :

  • Revolutionary designed flipping head
  • Owner center pin screw lock bait keeper
  • Mustad wide gap hook - 4/0
  • JigMasters' custom 60 strand skirt
  • Oversized skirt hub to prevent skirt slippage