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Signature Spinnerbait - Colorado/Indiana

Regular price $9.99

The NEW JigMasters Signature Colorado/Indiana Spinnerbait is an absolute BEAST when fishing stained/dirty water, and excels in cold water when a slower presentation is needed. The Colorado lead blade and larger than industry standard Indiana Trail blade create significant vibration that draw fish in when blade flash is diminished due to reduced water clarity or during low light conditions. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Details/Specs :

  • Engineered head design to help prevent "rolling"
  • Custom R-Bend design for improved performance
  • 0.035 Wire for increased vibration
  • Rolled end to help prevent blades coming off during use
  • Premium plated blades
  • Stainless steel ball bearing swivel
  • Fine tuned blade spacing for optimal performance
  • Screw lock bait keeper